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Are you a landlord looking to evict your tenants but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we can help. With our experience and expertise, we can streamline the eviction process and make it as smooth and stress-free as possible. We understand the legal complexities involved in evicting tenants and can guide you through the entire process.


Understanding Florida’s Eviction Laws

As a landlord in Florida, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the state’s eviction laws and the proper procedures to follow.

The Florida Landlord-Tenant Act (Florida Statutes Chapter 83) governs the eviction process and tenant-landlord relationships in the state. Recent changes to Florida’s laws in 2023 increased the notice period for month-to-month leases from 15 days to 30 days. Landlords must strictly follow the notice requirements and provide the tenant with the opportunity to remedy the situation when applicable.

Valid Reasons for Eviction in Florida:

  • Non-payment of rent
  • Violation of the lease agreement terms (e.g., unauthorized pets, subletting, conducting business)
  • Causing damage to the rental property beyond normal wear and tear
  • Engaging in illegal activities or creating a nuisance on the premises
  • Failure to vacate after proper notice at the end of a lease term

Notice Requirements:

  • For non-payment of rent: 3-day notice to pay rent or vacate
  • For lease violations: 7-day notice to cure the violation or vacate
  • At the end of a lease term: Notice period depends on rent payment frequency (7 days for weekly, 30 days for monthly, 60 days for yearly)


Eviction Process FAQ’s

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Eviction Notice Letter

No, a landlord cannot evict a tenant immediately in Florida. They must go through the legal process, which includes giving notice, filing a complaint with the county, and usually a court hearing, which can take a few weeks.

If rent is not paid by the pre-established deadline, the landlord may give a 3 day notice. If the money is not paid by the three days, the landlord may continue to file for eviction.

The exact length of the eviction process varies due to different factors but usually takes around 15 days to 4 weeks.

A 5 day summons eviction in Florida means that the tenant has five days to respond with their defenses and/or pay rent. If the tenant does not respond, the landlord will automatically win and there will be no court hearing.


The Eviction Process in Florida – What to Expect

If the tenant fails to comply with the eviction notice, the landlord can proceed with filing an eviction lawsuit in the county court where the rental property is located. Here’s a general overview of the eviction process in Florida:

1. File an Eviction Complaint: The landlord files a summons and complaint with the court, detailing the reason for eviction and the notice provided to the tenant.

2. Service of Eviction Papers: The tenant is served with the eviction papers, typically by a process server or sheriff’s deputy.

3. Tenant’s Response: The tenant has 5 days to respond to the eviction complaint in writing, either by contesting or agreeing to vacate the premises.

4. Court Hearing (if contested): If the tenant contests the eviction, a hearing will be scheduled where both parties can present their case before a judge.

5. Judgment and Writ of Possession: If the judge rules in favor of the landlord, a writ of possession is issued, giving the tenant 24 hours to vacate the property.

6. Removal by Sheriff: If the tenant does not vacate within 24 hours, the sheriff’s office can legally remove the tenant and their belongings from the rental property.


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    Tenant Issues & Eviction Process Article


    Florida Eviction Process FAQ’s

    Florida Eviction Process FAQ’s

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    Florida Eviction Process

    Florida Eviction Process

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